“Mr. Ravani has been the best lawyer I have ever experienced with. He was able to bring my spouse to the USA in a short period of time and handled all the work very effectively. It was a very smooth process.”

Masoud – Seattle

“I actually jumped and kissed Mr. Ravani for saving my wife and children and getting me and my wife work permits. He worked on our case as if it was his personal case and everything went exactly as he had promised.”

James – Washington

“I was very impressed by how Dr. Ravani pays attention to all details and his follow up skills. Although we received several requests for additional evidence, Dr. Ravani patiently developed all necessary documents and followed up with every detail and finally got the necessary approval from US Department of Labor.”

Ali – Texas

“I cannot believe Mr. Ravani went out of his way to make sure my Green Card is approved. He was with me every step of the way. Although I performed poorly in my interview, Mr. Ravani was able to overcome it by writing to immigration and reasoning very effectively. I am very grateful and I pray for great things in his life.”

Patricia – California

“Although a divorce is an emotional process, especially when children are involved, Mr. Ravani made it easy, smooth, and got me everything I had asked for.”

Diane – Seattle

“In a business dispute, Mr. Ravani was able to solve the issue to my benefit with such a little fee that I could not believe it.”

Dan – Seattle

“Dr. Ravani was able to bring my daughter to the USA against all odds when three other lawyers had told me that it would be impossible. I don’t know how to thank him.”

Maryam – Washington

“Time had expired and I could not be eligible to get green card, but Dr. Ravani made a great argument and wrote a motion to immigration that his request was approved and I cannot believe I now have my green card despite all the road blocks.”

Fred - Chicago